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About Us

Shine wash is a professional on-demand garment care, cleaning and finishing laundry service in Rajkot, which caters to your personal wardrobe, car, shoes and all household products. Shine wash provide you the best cleaning, online laundry and dry-cleaning services with affordable pricing in Rajkot. Our team understand the pressure of a busy and high-powered life and hence provide services on your doorstep. Looking for urgent laundry? We can provide you with our services in 48 hours, in an effort to match your busy schedule and the demands it necessarily entails. We provide services for laundry and dry-cleaning of all types of garments and fabrics, even comforters, area rugs, sofa, shoes, car and much more.

Our Cleaning Process

Give us a Call
Arrange your dirty clothes
We will pick up your clothes from your desired location
After cleaning, we will deliver it to your doorsteps

Why Choose Us

Best Eco-Friendly

Our front loading eco-friendly machines consume 3 times less water than the conventional washing machines.


We provide pickup and drop service as per your convenience.


We use high quality products that revive your clothes and give a new feel to them.


The amount we charge is equivalent to the cost you bear to get the laundry done at your home.

Top Services

We deliver your clothes at your doorstep with the perfect crease.